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Skool Transformation (Rebel Alliance Recordings 2009)

   Not really anti-west but because of the ridiculous hatred threats among thus south asian people descents or being a minority female in a white country did giving the front woman of Sonic Boom Six group Laila Khan and friends a decent protest tricky but smart in their music blends of sounds here. With Neil “Madfish” McMinn, Paul “Barney Boom” Barnes and their mixture of Punk, Hip-Hop and kinds of the bastard sons of the marriage of No Doubt and Bad Brains surely, giving the group a very unique style to listening by either you are an extreme amateur sport lovers or just simply, an urban rebels for the welcoming celebration to City Of Thieves – the releasing album where Hardcore, Ska and Punk Rock ruling the streets and the hearts of its inhabitants daily.

   Being true to telling the next generations about thus problems and ideas and threats among the living hard and trying to get some sort of success and even the downfall wake up calls written by the band to you which been describing as liberates as clever possible here via The Road to hell is Paved with Good Intentions, Rum Little Skallywag, The Concrete We’re Trapped With (It’s Yours) onto Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! And Polished Chrome and Open Kitchens may by fast tempts dearly sharing stories upon how the bad town was build and the worse dead people alive to eats one another looks like a weekend friendly facts which one needs to educate yourself and your love ones to slowly reduced as for the bad cops in which must be eradicated before everything turns from partying to gravy … 

City Of Thieves: