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Skies Ryker (Inside Out Music 2009)

   Over the names on former and managed members staying to keep on building the Progressive Rock UK foundations as well as the current members too; IQ (crew) consisting for the old formations like keyboardist Martin Orford, bassist John Jowitt, vocalist Paul Menel to drummer Mark Ridout or Carmine Brundenell (dance/voice) and bassist Les Marshall to the currents such as Paul Cook (drums), Michael Holmes (guitar), Tim Esau (bass) onto vocalist Peter Nicholls and Neil Durant behind the drum-sets as the releasing on their tenth studio recording album for the Neo-Progressive Rock to fishing in front of the full super moon gigantic and magnificent by grace superb just like the roasted songs written and arranged here that you can put up to three and a half star so far on the points for interests as not likely, a Dream Theater’s copying cats but more to the mixture elegance between Genesis, Marillion and Pendragon in one record as seven lucky tracks off a panorama drawing led by keyboards techniques through The Province, Closer the ending song, One Fatal Mistake in the midst of the peaking levels onto Stronger Than Friction may leading your hearing sense to the adventurous ever musical performance and program composing by IQ the band and lyrics writer of Peter Nicholls for either giving Life Support or showing us the correct towards the ensemble inside Frequency to make decision for direction.