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Sinking Ooze (Housecore Records 2014)

Not your essential purified Post-Punk Noise Rock mission boys and artistic rocking style of brotherhood and one should knowing that this Detroit – Michigan crew naming themselves Child Bite – the beardy guys – Brandon Sczomak, Jon Cendrowski, Sean Clancy and Shawn Knight among others whom sometimes, wearing winter clothing, shouting and kicking while jumps and doesn’t look friendly, finally comes out to bursting this courageous ability disturbing by angst and hatred about the riches people realm in Strange Waste. 

As reality sometimes lied about the gas chamber holocaust, the weapon of mass-destructions, the twin jet-planes hitting our tall buildings and the marathon terror makes no sense that if one day the contrary facts came out to fixing the mess which already happening and regret your fucking-self as a memorable spitting on politician faces within Still Fucked Up After All These Years, Garbage Odyssey, Foreign Tissue Purge, Molestation of The Arts, Mongoloid Obsession and Obey The Wrath sounded familiar to your ears like the hidden society commands wrapped onto the extreme metal presents that blows out hard.

Strange Waste: