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Simple Stranger (Bandcamp 2001)

   Convincing the works of solo project lead by the well-known name and front-man of one the greatest Progressive Rock group ever existed like Dream Theater; means that you will see the expressions of lyrical mastery or awesome vocals from the figure singer himself – James LaBrie walks to showing lead and background vocals ability along with Matt Guillory on keyboards/piano and Trent Gardner onto drummer Mike Mangini, guitarists Mike Keneally and Mike Borkosky to bassist Brian Beller in the chance taking via Mullmuzzler 2 as emotionally enthusiastic by incredible progress jamming and beautiful tracks shapes there at the most regarded and highly released from him. 
   The heavy power-plant music that goes on through Afterlife, Venice Burning, Confronting The Devil and Falling within several different durations are precisely what you looking for if you digging more to thus early Dream Theater materials brought back again by Mr. LaBrie to the edgy world of confusions.