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Shock Value Warrior (Southern Lord 2018)

   In between the street protests and various inflicted formats being taken from the Hardcore Punk scene of independent extreme onto the Heavy Metal blades as the parts of NWOBHM but spawning from a different place where Amsterdam, Netherlands lies. These ninety-six formed crew always playing harder, violent and keeping their looks really metal as Vitamin X consisting for Alex Koutsman, Marc Emmerik, Marko Korac, Wimmy “Zero” Koster are all Vitamin X that this sixth releasing records of Age Of Paranoia completed within thus melting brain, the screaming skull-heads as well around the repertoire for the set-lists songs as the results for learning more for Punk-Hardcore to Grindcore; Human Plague, Flip The Switch, Speak No Evil, Media Messiah, Deranged Defenerate where some of the members might getting caught again over the heavily concentrated mass of people before the president fell and hanged or their leader marching to the end limits. You shall feels like you being hit and run by hands, foot, bottles and everything not nice; Age Of Paranoia that sounded similar to Motorhead, faster version CKY band or anything heroic closer to your spirit of Hardcore-Punk scene through D.R.I or UK Subs legacy.

Age Of Paranoia: