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Shmoopie Ohio (Acrophase 2018)

   Mahjong Room satisfying those whom likely fell for any of good sense of softer tunes recording works on Alternative soulful elevates not to sounded too aggressive in Funk/Indie-Pop and Pop Soul ideas written lyrics by self-confidence just like Ginger Root form Huntington Beach releases here calmly.
They might calling this such an aggressive elevator soul music but thus keyboards and slow-tunes describing a lot different perspective to the minds as Cameron Lew, Matt Carney and Dylan Hovis put down some notable tracks for blocking something wicked coming out the door as the flow intention of peaceful rhymes and harmony off Call It Home, Jeanie, Having Fun and Two Steps and Emily Iverson vocals or Kira Magoon to Drty and Estef undertaking the glimpse of sophomore afternoon delights atmosphere just for your personal beliefs to listen. 
   Meet more about them via Hazel Street and Red and be cautions not for there’s no buzzing reasons to cranking things – just be the smart audience to have a pleasant evening embrace over excited good day this early month. 

Mahjong Room: