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Shishkebab School Girl (Blastfuk Grindcore 2014)

   The insanity foursome of Grindcore movement avenging civil rights to fucking trashy grinder banging and slashing everything’s around them is the significant pleasure over Super Fun Happy Slide adventure for doing their own thing to the blasting limits as Benny, Brad Smith, Den and Nik Kennedy devastating the sanity of the audiences by the recording slamming fast and brutal putrid vehemence and commanding every single fucking one of you to Drop Your Pants & Grind just like the front cover crazy stupid drawing shown there.

   Major and minor bleeding injuries might definitely happening as your choices are only these all raw, kinky and unlawful tracks presenting within the most extremities such as Gift-Wrapped Ballsack, Boot Full of Custard, Maximum Titty, Homebrand Holocaust (Egrosid) onto Mouth to Mouth Regurgitation or Firecracker Up Ya Clacker might be meant something totally absurd and GoreTRON like worshiping that must be made for the fuck sake’s of nobody or those whom loving how their DNA just mutated onto serial killers instinct taking control of your body and your soul. 

Grinds, bust or fuck  !!! 

Drop Your Pants & Grind: