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Shifting (Not On Label 2016)

   Metal Progressive comprising on these fine young metal-heads communion hailed from the very down under section of the planet – New Zealand as the Hamilton’s crew; Nic Martin (drums), Alex Mott (bass), Kayne McVeigh and Declan Storrie (guitars) and Kody Naidoo (vocals) comes to share their hard dream works turning to a record which compromising how the harmony sounds can actually meet indigenously to the metallic bursts out of the furnace of their metal-head minds via Vestige in growler Metal-Core vocals to Hardcore levels most promising acts as the written of six tracks lay your suspicious ashtray as the drowning figure under the Temporal Ocean of sands in the unknown desert makes the journey tales of the relevant themes out of Lightness, Water’s Edge, Tantalus (feat. Jared Ipsen) or Ashfall touches our reality planet collapsing conditions nowadays.