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Sha La La (Bandcamp 2018)

   Been too darn long not once you ever heard kinds of type for seminal Afro-Psychedelic and Latino mixed with Power-Pop and Folk-World musical just like the project of sounds performs by Itamar Katzir (talmbat, mbalax, bota), Oded Aloni (cajon, ganza, crash/gong, bongo, quarkabab), Amir Sadot (gibson bass), Ilan Smilan (guitars) and Roy Harmon (orla, yamaha cs01) bringing the distorted Electric heavy pumps up within thundering stormy ridden melodies with such an addictive jagged pulsating beats for rhythms heaven is there through the Lightning EP.

   The Tel Aviv’s crew of Tigris leads their own playground of making unique music of non-standard tempos and variations where you might raising your eye-brows while dancing for the listening time on Yehoden Aweteche Lengeresh ruining the duration of four minutes and thirty-eight seconds or Beit Lechem that comes and goes for around the longer minutes up to seven and more as "the big land predators" musical-palette of mix made by talented musicians of Israel strikes to attack your imaginations. 

Lighting EP: