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Served And Slashed (Raw Skull Recordz 2017)

   Mixture craziness for the craziest of the crazy people liking how Death and Doom Metal blends in their such of unstable mentality ways possible can be traced through this Leiden, South Holland group of extremity metallic music sounds provider under the name of Graceless; writing their lyrics of monstrosity obscures over wars, darkness, history of the Sumerian and ancient cultures or demons as hell, evil religions and gods recorded through the quartet’s debut album so far entitled – Shadowlands. 

   Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Remco Kreft, Bjorn on guitars, Marc Verhaar on drums and Jasper Aptroot the bass player delivers those bible basher and metallic crushing themes off destructions and decaying centuries in the making as We Will be Gods, Iron Tears of Morstel, Sumarian Flames onto Legions of The Fallen feeding your hunger for the best Death Metal head-banging tracks from the past marking the new millennium of now as presents here within the mountain or hills in blood flooding and barren desert wilderness of the dead lies forever.