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Serpent Girl (RidingEasy Records 2015)

   Remastering of the soulful for rockers ears are this fuzzy lost gems kind of with the band’s old influences good as new on the 70’s way of era and sounds as the pretty mellow music there from Svvamp recording still manage to extracting the favorable solos, powerful, tasty, relaxed and emotional setting crunchy vocals onto the beat surreal in rhythmic abundance jamming for the darkening feathered rooster-cock rocking sign sings the words of wisdom via the self-titled Stoner Rock n’ Roll and Classic Hard Rock music project numbers like Fresh Cream, Free At Last, Burning Down, Set My Foot and Leave onto Blue In The Face serving half warmth, half-cold and mid-tempos conjuration being borrowed the bluesy touch from Hendrix, Cream or The Who but modern kicks came and showing how Sweden boys doing their love for rock music like these closed friends – Adam Johansson, Henrik Bjorklund and Erik Stahlgren compels there.