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Serious Teacher (Independent 2015)

Nuremberg’s rock show unit consisting for Caro, Kurt, Eric W and Michi glancing out within the interlocking classic compositions turned out to be your favorite Glam Rock and Punk-Pop swirling tempos upon the opener tracks from the same title album of Dollhouse by these Brunhilde (group) only can comprising you to listening more of them later. Sexy lewd and crude straight to rock the sock-off music really comes certain as the solo guitars made a calling for clamps applause and slow head-bang towards the works of the band fronted by that blonde hot female singer and sounding like the old troops off LA finest Hair Rock/early Alternative Rock or closely, not related to any comparison to The Pretty Reckless in short terms. Listening to their preposition offers there via Drive Like a Maniac, I Wanna Do Bad Things, Second Class onto Kill me or even Machine Gun and Never Die for more highlighted rocking fusion and non-commercial Rock N’ Roll fashion designs all the way down to tattoo parlor or Soul Trip streets by the bashing grooves.