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Seen On Screen (Hopeless Records 2015)

   Confusing for talking about someone by the name of Taylor in short minutes and so; Saving Face from thus disgrace acts off the bully ones might sounding perfect to mosh-on your skateboards too and the fifth song on Eleven might means that it’s time to move on or stop for some snacks after hours of delighted extreme roaming down the busy streets as the England’s crew of Screamo emotional band – Trash boat reflecting their looks in a mirror onto the Brainwork mini album snatches snapcase shot as the five-piece members consisting for Tobi Duncan – vocals, Oakley Moffatt – drums, Dann Bostock and Ryan Hyslop on guitars as well as James Grayson – bass guitar from Saint Albans – UK being one of the great Pop-Punk teams in search for their own identity crisis writing for songs that fast within blasts to your exception only today !