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Second Heartbeat (Metal Hammer 2018)

   Once again the heavy metal realm rejoices for the ultimate long time career in head-banger beats of punchy slamming tunes made and written by these next generations of the early new millennium extreme metallic young talents turning seminal legendary so far – the Huntington Beach, CA crew consisted of M. Shadow, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ, Synyster Gates and the late memorable member - The Rev as one of thus recognizable team of proud band creating their own performance and aura within the Gothic-Metal symphonies, Guns N’ Roses glam touches and Metalcore progressive leading roles among others as AX7 or Avenged Sevenfold now having their own official honorable recordings taken from their full length catalogs over the years and packed the most powerful tracks to be covered by some newer groups around today as Various – Hail To The Kings: A Tribute to Avenged Sevenfold being released by one of the most best Heavy Metal magazine you ever know in life and comes the remarkable shredding and drumming blasts for songs like Bat Country re-recorded by Betraying The Martyrs with guitarist Babtiste Vigier, vocalist and ex-WCW wrestler turning rockhead Chris Jericho with his band Fozzy did Shepherd Of Fire, Upon A Burning Body bursting out Remenissions, Harbinger and ben Sutherland completed the destructive Burn It Down or Skywalker roaring Afterlife with vocalist Jay Kutcher, Sworn Amongst, I Fight Bears and Greyhaven filling the listed bands to completing the album record which foremost to all AX7 die-hard fans shall do whatever it takes to have this one just like the Unholy Confessions to dear god.