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Scarewolves (Bandcamp 2015)

   Loyal to the roots heritage of the group’s background mission to play some kind of Traditional Heavy Metal balance off rocking hardest through the pointy placing of themselves locked in a lodge in Dundas perhaps, from the early years somewhere in June to November as song-writing and music arranging from Adam Peach on vocals/guitars, Brandon Thomas (guitars), Max Colavecchia performing bass guitar bash and Stew Frontzak (drums) completing their skillful recording somewhere and let the finishing touch off original album artwork by Kenneth Gallant reveals how the band might getting crossed the gate of time traveling or send something from the future among them presence like The Terminator robotic called masters Of Destruction trying to battle the music and rock performance of Python the unit from Toronto, Ontario and here you can be the quality judge for qualification or just head-bang your freaking heads following this Heavy Metal tracks – Survive Another Night or Too Young To Die in standard vocals, rhythmic and riff/solos available through techniques, influences and technology combines. 

Masters Of Destruction: