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Save The World (AOR Heaven/Rubicon Music 2016)

   Not disintegrated in some nihilistic focuses events but the mixing for Hard Rock tunes and high-pitched vocals over Glam-Rock and Hair Rock still lively, alive and breeding in Sweden as popularity won’t be good enough to stay in touch and popularity means something that prolong your existence really gets these Norrkoping city crew rockers from Miss Behaviour to adding their special Symphonic Metal seductions on the music plays loud and powerful for anyone who loves Heavy Rock and Hair Metal to raising their metal signs up higher again as thus middle standard tempos and catchy clean vocals onto the clever verses and riffs melodically leads the temperature not to be too hot but as well not warm at all.
   Let your ears tasting those Arena Rock sessions presented there with dignity by keyboardist Henrik Sproge, Niclas Lindblom (bass), Magnus Jacobson (drums) and Sebastian Roos (vocals) or Erik Heikne (guitars) felt like they’re being haunted by the past and the female figure that rocking via Ghost Play. Harmonies repertoire cleansing your souls as the taking over on atmosphere to sing-along and chorus-breaking by favorable tunes straight coming and go as tracks like Frieday Me, The Magician, The War Inside, Savage Heart, Might Moves, Walking in Shadows and Brothers of War probably, gone off course as it might sounded alike but the songs are well-written and arranging for the licking time beauty and Hard Rock seeker fanatics to loving the album for an A-grade collections.

Ghost Play: