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Saltriver Shuffle (Star Song 1992)

   Not too corruptible as not independent anymore as they’re used to be – these founding brothers whom seemed to liking Guns N’ Roses and Axl Rose much through their demos, projects and albums quintessential sold good but never really caught the glimpse of better lights of attentions from the many media in Heavy Metal and Hard Rock magazine as Dale and Troy Thompson leave their Matrix group to changing more acceptable name in Bride.

   High-pitched clean vocals and even the beats sounding similar to the sums for wild GN’R products you ever listen to but the glamour Hair Rock to Hard Rock cannot making them another dangerous band in the region even though still – it is some of the best record you might listening as taken from that era of Hair Metal decadence via Snakes in The Playground as the Bride quartet rocking out the edgy seminal glittering funky to crispy Goth-glam onto the power Pop Metal and right solos to turn you on to head-bang and drunk following the exact tracks recorded here on Psychedelic Super Jesus, Rattlesnake, Would You Die For Me, Fallout and Dust Through A Fan or Picture Perfect come aloud and fierce before they calling it quits too soon as the marking of Hair Rock’s fallen as well at the end of the early nineties. 

Snakes In The Playground: