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Saltarello Mediterraneo (Bandcamp 2017)

   Medieval local costumes might giving a laugh while someone seeing them walking to the town’s fair that afternoon and the booed might be heard several times as these foursome musician doing their love for the traditional heritage best in thus ancient terms being attached to the performance using the bagpipes, fiddle, flute and more medieval musical instruments and choir far from their hometown in Copenhagen, Denmark as being so authentic here makes the playable unit – Pobel on their album Lux Luminum spreading the sincere tracks like: When The Cat’s Away, At The Marketplace, Drinking Music, Requiem, Dancing Plague of 1518 or The Siege alike telling you the stories about European folklore and reality events in becoming the main attractions over the danceable as bringing thus qualified tunes and renown ambitious band of medieval in that parts of the world today.

   The fun-fare turning quiet as the evening slowly fallen – the crowds now looking closer gathered as the great Folk or Leger-Trup musical fills the air with elder ancient colors and magical beads of tunes as Lasse Vaever Jacobsen, Mads Kjoller-Henningsen, Thor Ahlgren and Magnus Heeboll begun to performs on the small stage and on the field of dreamy green grass while the bonfire started to celebrates the summer solstice and the wedding on town’s chapel nearby. Raise your wooden glass and bigger glasses and the dinner served warm as the night and the stars and the mead drinks and the pretty girls seem to be endless over the scandinavia …

Lux Luminum: