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Sahara Surrender (Night Moves 2014)

   Buzzing smarter and softly amazed them who listening to Liz Morphew Electro-Dance Pop excursion of sounds really amusing to have on your hot afternoon drinking margaritas and eating tortillas not just because of the astonishing beauty from the lady herself but the musical marks working here upon the debut Cocoon album completes the way she calling herself as I am the Queen Of Hearts within thus Synth-Pop and Dance Rock ablaze rhythmic friendly wrapped your attention to something meaningful about life.
Shoot The Bullet, Overcome By The Rhythm, Neon or Secret and Like A Drug can victimized a proper gentlemen onto a wild stallion in bed within these penetrating of music advance for a good weekend times providing from this female figure mixing hexagonal symbols within romance of lust lyrics story putting you onto the love-able lullabies under the electrifying Electro performance and imaginable gorgeousness tokens.