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Rouge D’Isis (Nuclear War Now! Productions 2010)

   Traditional Heavy Metal and Doom Rock blends pronouncing here for the debut recording from a Montreal, Canada distinguished musical du metallic as mystical French singing language and the sophomore gloomy depressive taken from too much listening on early Saint Vitus or Jex Thoth upon the sensual hot but deranged scary feelings drawn for on how you look at the lead vocalist in a female form over Annick Giroux with Andres Arango, Francois Patry, Vavier Berthiaume and Patrick Pageau or Tooth Log as Cauchemar and their Hard Rock influences to bring the straight horrific rock sounds through the first recording of La Vierge Noire which combining thus Doom Metal and Goth-glamour affiliates balance but introducing more daily Modern Nu-Metal menus diet for the audiences to listen and goes head-banging like crazy as the mysterious and dark magic terms on Valse Funebre, Les Ailes De La Mort and Le Gardien De La Terre means dangerous turmoil awaits for you ahead by the dark and sponsored by the demon, dragons and serpent lair dwellers themselves loving to hear the hypnotic vocals of sexy Mademoiselle Giroux.

La Vierge Noire: