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Rorschach (Shim Sham 2018)

   For the likes of Five Finger Death Punch or Tool or Disturbed-voice like comparison – this Los Angeles crew of intensify blending Alternative and Hard Rock climbs out and developed steadily as cross-country initial bleak figure under Zero Theorem band within their rhythmic and uncompromising active consisted of Eloy Palacios (bass guitar), Jake Hayden (drums) and Caesar (vocals) as Ataraxis must be the good album to be released and share forwards the fans of Nu-Metal and melodic rocking harder music with the two hands rising to worship or asking for the help in quiet spells just like the screaming rocking from the hearts and souls via Low, Becoming, Area or Euthanize.

Catchy refrains and choruses in mid-tempo cultural bursts there are yours to swallow ...