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Rodents Devil’s Inn (Heavy Psych Sounds 2018)

   Kerava – Finland darkside of the inverted snowy desert of eternal erupts the favorite Stoner Metal crew – Monsternaut to be your newer choice for loud heavy music picks today as vocalist/guitarist Tuomas Heiskanen, Pertuu Harkonen on bass and Jani Kuusela behind the drum-sets flaming the old house of the haunted on fire before quickly leave the damned place and driving out with the big red classic car as Enter The Storm sounded not really as Retro-Metal as Sludge Rock but closer to be described nearer onto Heavy Psychedelic or metallic tunes not suitable for horror but the Vikings heritage and comes bursting straight to ready rocking package there.

   Good vocals, two thumbs up riff-ages and tempos through the male mentality basic and no pussy-wimps must be involving with it rest the entire tracks-listed to pleasure your fucking ears like forever over Black Breath, Back To Universe, Anthem, Landslide or Filled With Vain ans well as Midnight – you naming them and you shall be fully blistering with what supposed to be called – guitars music and true Southern-based rocking from the North kind of sounds effective by addiction. 

Enter The Storm: