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Robin Red Breast (Minstrel Hall 2011)

   Even though she’s infinitely already becoming the spouse of one of the greatest guitar hero of all time winding the feet and works toward Deep Purple and Rainbow; Ritchie Blackmore cannot sometimes chain his beloved wife’s heart to go solo recording as our beautiful blonde Folk-Pop goddess Candice Lauren Isralow may definitely, goes her own way and recording the solo project under her own name here for Reflections. 
The Hauppauge, Long Island born-woman as now feeling the goodness kind and wisdom swirling around her presences as you would also loving the performance and the looks on her potential Folkish but more thicker to be sold as Soft-Rock mesmerizing record and the peeling layers of natural sounds via traditional and modern musical instruments onto the leading role angel voices that would going to melt the winter freezing to make the flowers and fruits go blossoms right away not only over the justification of Folk-roots soundscapes but a well welcome on Country-Pop tunes emerging there on the starry night background energy track-listing within the excellent and experts measurements or self-inflicting written lyrics whether it’s personal nor public – most shall quenching the pop tunes thirst inside your hearts as Pop-Rock celebrations in musical hits your stereo system through Wind is Calling (Hush The Wind) which is absolutely, magical as well as Black Roses but Gone Gone Gone seemed to touching the quite essential Pop-Country ranch-rural inner-self for this gorgeous woman and within the repertoire there Candice Night sharing the interesting thoughts for her sisters and children to beware for the time changes that comes so quick and unnoticed via Dangerous Smile or Now and Then (2011) as memories faded which blurring the edgy sights to seek the truth under the ordinary things like the lullaby for the midnight sleeps warmth cuddling of mother nature to the small world inside her wrapping hands of fortune as gloriously, sophomore.