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Riding Dawn Healers (Not On Label 2017)

   Classic Heavy Metal rooted for the distinctive powers reclaiming down as bloodlines via the NWOBHM and Iron Maiden in their early years not too derivative but familiarly, came crossing as honest and fresh as tough combinations and beauty front woman off these New York band called Sanhedrin sounded like borough embodies to make rock and heavy metal keeps shining like a sharpen blade as Erica Stoltz, Jeremy Sosville and Nathan Honor may delivering something magic and full of force towards your stereo system and the listeners witnessing for this debut and soon becoming classic too – recording album of A Funeral For The World.

   Go have a great time head-banging or at least, serious about taking the trio much seriously as their musical means likely – a gorgeous, dangerous and mean in a very good fucking way just like the examples like Demoness, Collateral Damage, No Religion and Massive Deceiver – hailing the digest solos, standard and slower tunes as well as folklore to Satanism lyrics available to turning you on and crossing the line – leaving god’s territory and entering the magnificent gates of Lucifer castle. 

A Funeral For The World: