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Ride Hyperactive (Atlantic Records 1986)

   Some might didn’t know that these old rockers once a braver unit until they decided not to compete with the underground godfather of Britain’s Thrash Venom but you should noticing that even though Raven’s music aren’t as harder as the growth of Thrashers blistering chaos satanic in the making but this troops of rock-heads formed as an outfit from Newcastle upon Tyne by the Gallagher brothers John and Mark with Paul Bowden really did some good performance of NWOBHM-based sounds by the late of eighties era especially, through the rebounds recording package admitting that The Pack Is Back even not for last longer good. Screamin’ Down The House, Young Blood, Don’t Let It Die and Rock Dogs fills your sound system for afternoon on the icy rocks drinking with buddies and not actually, for destroying the entire neighborhood.

Game on cause you aren’t supposed to avoid this package from buying or trying.

The Pack is Back: