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Retention Icon (Self-Released 2010)

   Summer times breaks being relatively, destroyed when this Metal-Core troops being formed since and the sounds of the true underground lies within their roots of a new class of extreme Heavy Metal and Hardcore style blends as Kublai Khan from Sherman, Texas consisting for Nolan Ashley, Matt Honeycutt, Isaac Lamb and Eric English releasing their aggressive energetic and most passionate expression of full anger lyrics and beats over the hopes or the unseen lives feelings escapes of the modern young people in the States and the mouth of madness for that would be how this Youth War being recorded and arranged much well if you like to get smash while doing the head-bang to the stage slamming mission accomplished within Kublai Khan experts expectations through the metallic bursts riffs and growls here. It’s like listening to Pantera’s latest re-grouping with local Texan boys building the whirlwind pit circle rotation music for the crazies by themes equally – touches the essential trauma and desires and those miserable misery as the blasting tracks like Divisions, Teeth, Color Code and Break The Ice shall be your next anthems to the struggle the competition world of the mean and the ignorant.

Youth War: