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Reshonduhh Himalaya (Bandcamp 2017)

   This isn’t Pet Shop Boys because they’re closer in similarity to The Cars or any Rock N’ Roll Garage punkish crew of two making shitty spontaneous music for themselves according to how you describing Odd Pets on Heavy Petting for letting those rabbits kisses each other while the listeners loved to smoke weeds in loads with Andy Buch and Lisa Burner or a drummer/guitar player boy and girl loving the music forever. as superb romantical and Psychedelic dreamy Death-Pop and Surf from Des Moines saving Indie Rock through silly tracks of daily insanity feelings like Money, Stay Behind, Milk, Brian Jones, Snakes Are Real, Faded or Hell Ride – sounded little less punchy but naughty with the ugly vocals and the monotone rhythms not exactly, suits for pets as the distortion felt lame, not that catchy and rebellious.

Heavy Petting: