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Requiem Intro (Ripple Music 2016)

   Standard course pointing to nowhere but lost yourself and soulless night drives through the eerie scary story around the invisible road leads to Sabbath Highway where the group of Stoner Metal and Heavy Metal off Victoria, Texas brought the opening scene as formatted beings by the quartet of Tim Narducci (vocals), Jeremy Von Eppic (guitars), Carter Kennedy (drums) and Cornbread (bass) kicking their pleasure of metallic banging tunes over the similarity sounds alike the part versions from either Soundgarden, Candlemass and Scorpions with of course, Black Sabbath infectious tuned minor low-key and horror products.

The Watchers are your kinds of band that heavily rocking straight with no further pretension but the molesting choruses over riffs and definitely, addictive to listen. Recommended songs: Call The Priest, Today and Just a Needle. 

Sabbath Highway: