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Red Go (Independent 2018)

   Evening came and the dark conquering the last of daylight but no need to worry cause the Montreal, Quebec’s layered guitars of acoustic basic for Folk-Pop singing to your gracefully smooth for Nice Talk as the processing of the conditions covers by the Afterglow session music. Again, don’t be afraid as Antoine De Martel plays his acoustic guitar plus electric guitar and did the vocals; while Simon-Pierre Lacasse also did the same with the addition for bass guitar as there’s Victor Tremblay-Blouin doing vocals, Didier Bergeron performing drums/percussion/synths and keyboard or machine with Rafael Poggetti pulls an additional percussion over this Alternative Electronic Folk-Indie as thus fireworks on an empty park celebrates the songs like Isla Bonita, Call You Out and Promised Land – comforting the ears of the lonely hearts over the gloomy world of the entering the last counting for today.