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Rebekka Tragoedie (Fysisk Format 2016)

   Flourishing adds of lyricism or depth unmatched should be the two reasons besides thus Avant-Garde Doom Rock sensation leads the steps of these Norwegian (of Haugesund) natives whom liking the surrealism of Bataille or existentialism from Satre to Camus and the inferno of Dante with some more cult-idealistic romance from either Poe, Crowley and Borges as anticipated after their nominations for grammy and Arabrot unit machine of dark-intentions and eerie haunts and cult-visionary leading this more steps to their latest The Gospel as experimental symphonic Noise/Hardcore and Doom /Black Metal balance boosts snap-shooting the entire battalion of heavy riffs and great vocals comparable to some of the greatest works in the scene as the ten minutes and six seconds of Faustus or I Run within And The Whore is This City remarkably, tells the comments about the new Babylon or Darkest Day on worshiping oneself in I Am The Sun did a fucking devastation misery index targets to share the band’s points of view or their unholy missionary to spreading more about sacred things brought by Heavy Metal sounds from the north to the rest of the continents around.

Sophisticated doomy dark-send … 

The Gospel: