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Realize Youth (Red Skunk Recordz 1999)

   Super-group of all-stars incorporated crew founding this Germany-based Rock N’ Roll to Hard Rock band named Shameless with Alexx Michael, Steve “Sex” Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff’s Stevie Rachelle, Tracii Guns onto Brian Tichy and Eric Singer or Teddy Andreadis and Stryper’s Robert Sweet joining force to recording Backstreet Anthems as their debut. Whether it’s Alice Cooper or KISS attributes attached there as Tommy Wagner cranking the tracks like Strange Dayz, Backseat Action, You’re The One (I Want) through more catchy flaming Hair Rock and Pop-Punkish songs written together on What’s Goin’ On or more covers from The Beatles to Gene Simmons and co. here won’t spoiling the show as the game goes on.

Straight beats and good grooves, funky Velcro shouts and great solos to the standard drumming and the cheap talks like it’s LA at the finest times of Hair Metal sensation coming back on the recording album and spreading legs of a young babe in bed waiting for you to jumps in ! 

Backstreet Anthems: