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Ravishing Possessed (Mighty Music 2008)

   Ideal six six six triplet mantra cells screaming vocals and Classic equality of total annihilations by using the skills of martial arts and the poor souls of the follower troops really means necessary to be approved by Michael H. Andersen, Johan Axelsson, Nikolaj Borg, Marcel Leigh to Kasper Boye Larsen and recognition for their native town homeland of Copenhagen  as well as some forgotten ex-members over this Thorium basic elements from the crazy nut double pedals and inventions with the male growler vocals characters to thus shredder of the guitar and the front vocalists performing Death Metal in a very thick tension and eleven releasing record tracks off the latest album – Feral Creation which delivers plenty of killer riffs and sub-atomic pleasure of pain dignity as well as dis-harmonic tales written about thus diseases thermal rhetoric and spontaneous events and the prevention as take turns the audiences would totally, obeying and shouting for the volcanic area and castle of the fanatics dwells within the trajectory on Epidemic Skeleton, Diabolic Consumption, Sigil of Baphomet due to Gates of Utumno or The Lurker sounding like this band just about being Cast From Hell to help both artworks and the Death Metal alliance attached tighter and looks fucking dangerous. 

Feral Creation: