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Rat Blood (Lakeshore Records 2015)

   Creepy nanny job-lists for a young woman – Greta Evans (Lauren Cohen) being hired as she arrived to a small town of Heelshires as elder couple showing her the surroundings of the big house but the most odd of them all would be the introduction to Brahms – a porcelain doll whom being treated by the house owner as like their living son as Greta being told to taking care of Brahms as the old folks leaving for holiday – is really weird but necessary and looks like not to be that hard until the mysterious strange things appear to happened around her as the daily days followed her routine activities not the lists as Greta calls Sandy her sister and being visit by her abusive former boyfriend before the further information from the local grocery store dealer told the hideous story about how the real Brahms died in the fire accident long time ago as he’s celebrating the eight’s birthday.
Scary sobbing of a child started to be heard along the alleyway, cut phone calls as the doll moving places and might re-appearing as he likes anywhere as well as the child voices arguing Greta to follow the rules that she’s already being told erupts worries inside the young woman’s heart and mind as more gruesome tale about the young girl died with her head been crushed in the forest is Brahms’ best friend but thecase gone ashtray as the Heelshires house burnt down killing The Boy as well. 
This Horror movie directed by William Brent Bell leads the dark secret of virtue to the explosion mirror onto the investigating Cole then emerging the grown man wearing porcelain mask similar to Brahms means that The Boy surviving the fire and revealing that the last mail from the elder is planning to leave Greta as his mate for life there. 
   The screwdriver stabbing didn’t really kills the masked guy but as Greta manage to saving Malcolm and leave the compound – the audience still seeing how Brahms survived another day as the soundtrack of this film composed by Bear McCreary might capturing the most suspense and thrilling moments from the starting mid and the conclusions via the instrumental tracks like Come Play Pretty Greta, The Attic, Through The Keyhole, The Crying Doll and Family Photos – did the excellent gloomy melodies drowning people to forgetting about small terrifying steps they’ve taken.