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Rail Thunder (Last Chance Records 2011)

   He’s not that handsome – and when he used to be that chubby; he really isn’t but don’t tell that he cannot performing some kind of entertaining musical projects at all cause the mixture of Americana, Country and Folk Rock sounds by ustin Lucas did a great job like the first time you ever watching another Lucas; George did an amazing job in making one of the best sci-fi film of all time – so did this album recording A New Home in The Old World makes the audience cannot arguing the boundaries but accepting a slight comfortable in normal music a brand new or symbolic of the quiet Bloomington, Indiana as no surprising and crowded living room turned silence and putting their attentions for this natural non-popular Country-Pop and Indie Rock with ten releasing songs like Darkness Out Of Me, Nevada County Line, Feast, The Grain, Somewhere A Light Shines or Run Around takes the intuitions of an old owl to catching the snake precisely for feeding the chicks that waiting impatiently, inside the safe nest on an old oak tree.

A New House In The Old World: