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Quaaludes Russian (Not On Label 2016)

   Drug Rock palace interlude read the signs being sent by the butthole surfers’ convention meeting committee to your stereo system as the trio of Frank Garymartin (drums), Gary Chester (guitar, vocals) and Nathan Calhoun (bass, vocals) certain wondering hell debunk onto Punk Rock and Grunge metal perversions which reminding the audiences not just about stupidity creates by Prankster sounds in the nineties but well behaviour of high tuning effects of soloist brilliance to the tinged folk-rockish vibes of vocals like Soundgarden did well in their times. The Austin, Texas’ three-piece crew of We Are The Asteroid releasing this self-titled record as they’re arrived on a giant rock from other universe getting ready to impregnates as many female on the planet for their seeding spreads due to Psychedelic Noise Art-Rock songs like Twitch, Condo and Blood Reduction onto Crazy Devil Sex and Future Gods lose the grip on Bad Rope ... 

If one feel lucky to surviving the crash listen to the album immediately !