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Puncha Persephone (EMP Label Group 2017)

   Catchy Punk-Pop stereo party rocks out on your choice for all-girls as the winning band battle crew calling themselves as Doll Skin right from Phoenix, Arizona and being surprisingly, manage by David Ellefson of Megadeth but the quartet of beauty and colorful haired babes: Meghan Herring on drums, Alex Snowden the lead guitarist, Nichole Rich on bass department and Sydney Dolezal the vocalist and rhythm guitar player already success to releasing not one but two albums already and not surprisingly for them and to the global rock scene popularity for loving the performance of the sweeter version of girl riots via Manic Pixie Dream Girl as being endorsed by Schecter guitar research, Blackstar amplification onto Evans Drum heads to Pro-Mark and SJC Custom or Sabian  bursting the essential seminal mixed between Hole seductive grungy and Pop-art new millennium teenagers through the pleasant mid-tempo fast tipping onto Daughter, Road Killa, Boy Band, Rubi and Sweet Pea or Baby’s Breath where Power-Pop Punk Rock meet Hard Rock makes the world keeps on going around and screaming smiley to crazy skating party as you ever wanted to continue within these girls’ arena rock attitudes. 

Manic Pixie Dram Girl: