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Proteus Furrow (Self-Released 2016)

   Multifaceted, wistful and mysterious as interesting overall aesthetic on a blending for Doom, Black and Death Metal templates the Sludge and Progressive Metal on the worshiping rituals over the night ghost owl creature waiting on the highest branch for its prey and Lurk suits for the band’s name towards this facts that madness coalesce descent making sense as forsaken figures of quartet Eetu Nurmi on bass guitar, Arttu Pulkkinen onguitars, Kalle Nurmi on drums and Kimmo Koskinen the vocalist experimenting their slow ridden slamming grinds on interesting horrific meets creepy music in tempos to blending the bleeder roars off Doom-Black Metal plus Sludge atmospheric as the dead comes alive in form of terrors in the night to those whom too aware on their invisible existence.

   From Fringe recording here you got Ostrakismos and Tale Blade and Reclaim or Offshot and Nether darkly, pulling melodies in an order of the way you never afraid to hear before – surfacing as the blind leads by the creature that ate them in the woods without warning.