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Protestant Work Slump (Tough Love Records 2017)

   Natural reverb in creativity terms solely emboldened a disservice into modern as the tendency unites over the collaboration tales of “the two rhys” Rhys Edwards and Rhys Williams made this London, UK’s Indie Rock/Pop-Punk and Art-Rock band – Ulrika Spacek.

   With the releasing on Modern English Decoration; there should be no shameful things delivers but the exterior feelings of the British soiled influential towards the good deeds coming for the second times through the recording in the sensible formulated songs like Dead Museum, Silvertonic, Ziggy, Saw a Habit, Everything All The Time, Victorian Acid, Mimi Pretend and couples of untitled bonuses at the end of it. Don’t get fooled by the name as some might imagine this is an all-girls band but actually, Ulrika Spacek is a hundred percent alternative musical of non-gender affiliated group.

Modern English Decoration: