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Prophecy Arcane Mist (Metal Blade Records 2015)

   Capturing the spirits of the real traditional Heavy Metal through thus old-fashioned brutal barbarism attitudes brought by the race whom living across the eastern to the south below parts of Europe or France to Spain as being related to the mighty Viking or the elusive Celts; these warrior from the forests keep pushing the territory of the giant empire of Rome to the last limit of their capital and destroying it to the ground as the history watched it burnt by Visigoth but here the Salt-Lake City, Utah Speed Metal melodic group reveals a great story about The Revenant King like the finest era of the 80’s, 90’s and beyond even though there was a time for hard music being hated by the popular audience but gradually, still being picked the loyal fans just like the maintaining ritual for Blood Sacrifice, Iron Brotherhood, Mammoth Rider, Dungeon Master, Vengeance or Necropolis as intensifying to start a war-battle and spilling your enemies guts to the mother nature’s floor.

   Visigoth crew consisting for Jake Rogers, Jamison Palmer, Leeland Campana, Matt Brotherton and Mikey T doing epic performance from vocals of strong-hearts and brave licks and riff-age and whipping guitar solos to the driving drum-beats. 

The Revenant King: