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Propagating Damnation (Dark Forest Productions 2013)

   From the wiser and evil Witcher and brother OldNick as basic rhythmic of the Classical rhythms for original Black Metal formed over the Battle Ground, Washington baptized as the unholy communion named Ceremonial Castings which wrote down their manic faster and brutal raw extremity due to the next efforts off the catalogs from these duet foundation of strives in the art of Black Metal sounds along within thus witchcraft rituals and dark magic as the lyrics produced well in order to hailing the regenerating on extreme aspects behind the figures of Jake and Nick Superchi as being alike as the live recording rapidly, growing their powers and mass-listeners around during the performance of Bewitching Black Metal through Barbaric is The Beast, The Devil in Salem, Damned Be Those of The Craft and Midnight Deathcult Phenomena and the cover of a long forgotten Type O Negative’s Are You Afraid/Gravitational Constant which sounding like the sky burial’s opening and the other dimension evil beings begun to crawls to our world.

Bewitching Black Metal: