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Proctor Ignition (Electronic Purification 2017)

   Not many Synth-Wave and Dark-Electronic of retro greater to be sounded closest to the resemblance that you might thought you’re being abducted to the time machine and carried back to the 80’s inspiring and encapsulates things familiarly, awesome like Ascension opening the ears for the displaying sounds over the recording session from Meteor of Medellin, Colombia surprisingly – courageous and rhythmic about to giving you a free stands for then, dancing silly and crazy over the groovy beats and old percussion samplings managed the blending disguises on death as human soul beings. Contact, Death Race (Round 2), Of Steel and Stone as well as Indelible Shadow brought by Inner Demon carries most of the tests control like battle of ourselves against worst unleashed acts not to condemn extinction or forcing to seek better trip to migrates into other worldly parts unknown like Jorge Reyes messages to Elon Musk theory made over mid-tempo on New Wave Synthesizer loving Dark outrun Rock video-gaming pulses from inside your television age. 

Inner Demon: