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Prisund Skuggar (Season Of Mist 2017)

   Comprising of Aolsteinn Magnusson, Andri Bjorn Birginsson, Hjalmar Gylfason, Hjalti Sveinsson and Sigurour Kjartan Palsson forming the effective seminal raw melodic band of Black Metal Folkish-tinged onto traditional of Icelandic old-pagan beliefs as these Hverageroi unit - Audn (meaning wasteland/wilderness) releasing the second recording off the Classic Black Metal related to the runes and ancient stone-structure in the mists of atmospheric harmony screamo metallic sessions.
A brand new blasts of lush and elegance epic enclosing ferocity and masterful grand beings of the lead-stand-out explosive Black Metal local as official as Farvegir Fryndar gave to be expected by the audience. 
   Recommended extremities among Haldreipi Hugans, Ljosaslaeour through the ways off Eillifar Naetur or I Halmstraio Held and Lifvana Joro releasing the wrath of Audn (band) to the air this cloudy and foggy evening where the lost kept getting lost and the creature of flesh-eater might commencing their quench of hunger to the humanity whose polluting and populating the inches part of the planet near the border onto the kingdom of the untold and unspoken. 

Farvegir Fryndar: