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Poison Lullaby (Pure Noise Records 2013)

Signing himself as an Acoustic Indie Rock and Pop Folkish emotional revivals as Front Porch Step but born as Jake McElfresh since the early nineties creatively, writing songs and knitting experiences to his acclaiming lyrics but the kinds of mental instability for self-esteem lacking leads the man and his music project to be banned by many petitions for misconduct sexual harassment activities by sending nude pictures to under-aged girls mostly his notable fans to then, beware a lot on his presence.

The first debut recording of him via Aware mixed some of thus beauty of natural panorama and daily life expectations for positive thinking ideas as Private Fears in Public Places, If I Tremble, Angels & Demons onto The Day You Took The Good Away and Island of Misfits Boy seems to allegedly holding the incoming unpredictable softer side of a good soul to gone bad as Front Porch Step finally, admitting about I Won’t Say That I’m Ok in the end of this …