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Plum Island Violence (Equal Vision Records 2016)

Matches for the fitting room ceremony celebrating your broke-up date or cheating closed friends with your BFF turning the day a bit glow but the ongoing mall shopping might little less curing it as the outdoors and wood cabins driving hours might quite forming the good intentions to move on simply in a better tolerance ways for one as listening to Waterparks doing their following debut catchy Pop-Rock Punk fun times anthems for the teenagers and aging folks truly – remarkable fits here as Double Dare album brings thus energetic and positive weekend spirits to go on and continuing lives because the one whom left you behind isn’t the only one in this world fully with almost similar cloned people discovers everyday. 

Just like the band whom loving Kesha or reading newspaper and watching chipotle birds and mini golf in the yard; Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood trio did not having too much obstacles to delivers their infamous popular themes music through splashing summer-based of Pop-Punk within Stupid For You, Dizzy, Powerless, Gloom Boys and Hawaii (Stay Awake) miss-matching the rest of your worst days in an exploding happiness back again. 

Double Dare: