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Plan Ahead (Shield Recordings 2017)

   Who said about new generation bands didn’t really thinking that a blur cubic-like drawing of Alternative Rock would becoming so entertaining and at the same time; selling more fortunes as just the lead solos and catchy music did have something smart and interesting to re-thinking back after one listening to the recording is a condition your might love to have while choosing the compositions written by Ivo Backbreaker, Jerry Hormone, Marien Nicotine  and Sander Sane of The Windowsill refreshing their catalogs by producing this tentative ditching of Pop-Punk or Power-Pop album number three for them on MYOKoM (Make Your Own Kind of Music) consoling the better days fully spirits as the good news or energy won’t go wasted to die in the hand of talented young kids making their ideas represents and helping people to understands the entire life by thanking today for happiness and daily issues that bothers but had solutions to shares by the fast-breaks as the tunes of list tracking opens your ears to a better melodic and harmonies sounds for popular in public senses via The Girl I Don’t understand, Wait For Rain, Little Runaway, Too hard as well as Nothing There or See You Back Again – seems to drawing the extended places one used to called home and others just went there to be saved from conflicts and bad weathers and believe them; that kinds of area exists !