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Piosenka Niczym (Spook Records 2007)

   Consisted of Grzegorz Screider on guitars, Filip Priewski on drums, Kuba Ziolek for screaming and bass playing to Lukasz Jedrzejckzak for the main screaming vocals are the complet destruction package on Alternative Hardcore and metallic crushing music from the Polish local band – Sora! Releasing the insane short duration in titles of Sora! Sora! Sora! as your ten tracks of fast and destructive protests for the global bad maintenance really kept in formidable choices onto local lyrics but having the causal effects for international needs in making sure that corporate leaders won’t dare to do something stupid to their people or the masses will rising up and fighting back as the gasoline drum being ready to lighten up by firing words flicks like these tracks from Sora! – Dmowski, Gaz Izawiacy, Shikari Robot Wars, Piasek onto (((((((((( ! )))))))))) (meaningless ?) as well as Warszawa taken from Joy Division song as cover here. Hardcore Punkish colliding features might actually kept the flame of revolution in smaller parts and beyond – breathing to bite !