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Pinned Butterfly (Independent 2018)

Linnea Olsson then goes on to build her own project off but not far from the related to The Oath or Sonic Ritual as Proto-Punk, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock blends through Maggot Heart which consolidates the essential of Classic Rock head-banging and thrashy harmonic sounds onto the inner something based on Stockholm’s cult-bashing riffs and melodies as Linnea did the lead vocals and guitars while other names like Gottfrid Ahman on bass plus additional guitar and Uno Bruinusson bangs the drum-sets completely as a trio releasing the mystical semi-powerhouse record on Dusk To Dusk like thus silver scorpion carrying itself with poisonous fangs alone through the desert or the backyard of unfortunate people to sting; Maggot Heart also had seek their times to put the bitten large amount of poison dose to the listeners through the seductive rocking Medication, Big Kross, Strange Women and Blood Envy. 

Killer sexy rock your dumb cock’s off ! 

Dusk To Dusk: