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Pilgrim Last (Not On Label 2013)

   Amit Patel, Mithun Shah and Will Wichanski are the trio that came in to haunting you via their rocking Stoner/Psychedelic as well as the Ambience atmosphere carried within their British format and London darken desire entering thus Progressive multiple techniques upon the engineered underground music supporting the notable priceless riffs and mixed blasts telling tales about the mysterious supernatural supreme beings and events like nude breasts of the mermaids or from the deeper small world of a Foxhole written by Sedulus and Will Wichanski to marking the depressive version over the seven minutes and forty-seven seconds to the live recording that lasted for five minutes and twenty-one second; releasing the memorable short pain from altitude to the sliding lands on sirens worshiping off The Beta EP background in majestic metallic. 

The Beta EP: