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Pick Me Up (Self-Released 2012)

   Might caught in the middle between names of Ben Day (drums), Chris Malone (bass/vocals), Matt Phipps and Jamie Edwards (guitars/vocals) as well as lead vocalist Ben Scarborough performing one of their most infamous tricks over the releasing record – Locust within that solo melodies, neat vocals and groovy Pop-Alternative honest unit of Baltimore combining their likes for Pearl Jam and Weezer through adult rock and pop of the Alternative Folk and Rock n’ Roll fusion out taken the influences off Led Zeppelin favorites proclaiming the tunes like the power melodic and superb fun catchy for Fox and Me, Green Bottle, Best Goodbyes, Angry Personal or Waiting For You and Never Forget You means everything necessary in this life cause even once – one needs to turn back to their past too.

Pure solid independent normative rocker boys writing their daily basic stories to make a good music for suburban kids listening consumption.