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Phasme Obese (Not On Label 2008)

   Scary, haunting or specially, brutal by the Classic symphonies being raped by metallic Industrial and Goth-Electro session of experimental fuse there to be built and devastating the relations between Baroque project and Break-core sounds stated by this French composer and multi-instrumentalist Gautier Serre using the masked of grotesque as Igorrr and the second attempts release off Moisissure puts some Ambient, IDM and Breakcore futile multifunction to shaping what do Electronic music and odd artworks have in common to be attached there.
   Monstrosity looks of a headed leg with teeth looks has being taken from some of the nightmarish creature characters from Clive Barker’s Abarat and alternatively, would scares the children and the shallow minded ordinary but as standing in the gloomy alley to wait the victims to apply didn’t really leads the songs to be totally, ruined. One can enjoying the operatic vocals and harmonies being stuck like a stuff pig inside Putrefiunt, Oesophage De Touterelle, Liquid Requiem as well as Croute and Huille Molle as chants mixed with Black Metal electro and growls may corrupting the minds of those having the killer instinct psychotic cells inside. 

This album can really rising the evil deeds out from the audiences after the shows.